3 Reasons To Have Protein Smoothie For Breakfast

Let me make your life easy guys! Thinking about what to have for breakfast? Have a big protein meal. It should include eggs…2 eggs and 3 eggs if you dare or something meaty like a beef or chicken sausage. Now don’t start yelling at me just yet.  The main point is to have a highContinue reading “3 Reasons To Have Protein Smoothie For Breakfast”

#SheBoss : Pilot Salma AlBaloushi

My name is Salma AlBaloushi and I am a First Officer for Ettihad Airways. When everyone around me doubted me and did not know of my capability I stayed quite, worked hard and proved them wrong. The purpose and inspiration of  my work, and success was not only to prove people wrong; rather I workedContinue reading “#SheBoss : Pilot Salma AlBaloushi”

How Yum! Baked Chicken & Veg

Don’t you just hate dry chicken? I hate it…super duper hate dry chicken! Especially after you bake it, it comes out sooo dry, ugh! Well, there’s a trick and it’s kinda simple but mostly weird and I am wondering if I am late to the party once again? I dunno, you tell me.  I addContinue reading “How Yum! Baked Chicken & Veg”