BEST Fried Chicken Batter Gluten Free

You know how I am obsessed with stuff that are easy, delicious and super awesome? Well, this is no different!  Jumping with joy how easy this is. and here is the secret super awesome part…THIS BATTER CAN BE USED ANYWHERE!  Crunchy potato chips? YES. Veg fritters? YES. Anything you like deep fried in honor of all the bad fat glory? YESSS!

Make sure to let me know what oily goodness you make from this gluten free batter. I would love to be obsessed with your new finding and roll around with joy 😉


Batter prep time : less than 5 mins…seriously.

Ingredients : Gram flour, rice flour, chilli powder, salt

Optional ingredients for exotic taste : black seed…try this i swear you will love it.

Preparation : Mix 1 part gram flour with 1 part rice flour. Add the optional ingredients. We love it spicey, so I added i heaping tspn of chilli powder. Mix with water until batter consistency. Make sure to mix well until there are no lumps. Now dip those chicken strips and enjoy you some delicious gluten free fried chicken 😉




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