7 min Chicken Zucchini

First off, yes you can make this 7 minute chicken with other vegetables than zucchini.

Cooking time : 7 minutes

Seasoning : chopped onions and salt

Ingredients :

  • sliced boneless chicken (cooks faster)
  • 1 cup zuchini
  • 1 tablspoon / 1 small onion chopped
  • green chillis

Procedure : heat frying pan and add your choice of oil. I prefer butter because we are cutting down our consumption of hydrogenated oils (veg oil). But for deep frying chicken…that’s another issue you southern folks will understand. Any who, After you add the oil to the pan, add the chopped onions. Fry until aromatic and slightly wilted. Add the green chilli as well, if you like spicey then slice the pepper in half. If you don’t wanna live that dangerous life then keep them whole for the aroma only. Now turn up heat to high and add the chicken. Upon adding the chicken will brown on the sides. This is good. Now add the zuchini and fry both together. Lower flame to medium high so food cooks through instead of just browning. Since chicken is chopped it will cook in about 7 minutes and the zuchini will be nicely done as well. Enjoy on some rice or other gluten free carb option. Need some gluten free carb ideas? I gotchu covered, check this out 😉

And yes, please to PIN this so you can find quick and yummy meals when you’re super busy with life.

Why this meal is awesome? Because of the added zuchini with your protein. Remember, we need to increase out intake of protein along with micro nutrients to bring out the natural strength of our bodies. Wanna know more about micro nutrients and how it makes us awesome? Read this, I know you’re gonna love it.




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