Work Smart Then Work Hard


When you see successful people around you, you are looking at a systematic execution of a well written plan. A plan which had a good couple hours head banging and brainstorming, researching into methods of delivery / implementation; and off course repeating same actions over and over again.

When we think of ourselves in the same situation isn’t it odd how we start to belittle our capabilities? We think there is some secret or hidden knowledge that makes successful people who they are, Perhaps, double guessing ourselves is just an easy way out? An excuse to comfort ourselves and accept our present situation? I mean, I can understand that bringing about change requires effort and maybe we are just afraid of putting in the effort we don’t know about. Perhaps these destructive thoughts are keeping us from reaching our full potential.

There are many paths to one goal. Quite frankly put, some of the paths are stupid because they are  inefficient and take helluva long time. Other paths are smart because they take you to your goals quickly and resourcefully. Going to one goal can also have several different paths. Everyone is getting there and everyone has their own way . Differentiating between them is the real trick. But how?

By knowledge and educating ourselves.

Side note before I get any further : what did successful people do different? They followed their heart and did what they love. Thus making their entire journey of creating, building and brainstorming something they enjoy.

Now about knowledge : knowledge, information, data and whatever you wanna call it is fuel to our engine. The engine that drives us. With knowledge we can bring about change and improvement. With knowledge we have the insight to different options – different paths to one goal.

Channel your energy

So can we channel our strengths and shift energies? Heck yes. Energy is a transformable entity. Remember how we learned in school that you can never destroy energy rather it transforms? Why not apply it here? Knowledge is an energy of the mind after all.

Now for example, physical strength. When it comes to physical fitness, strength is an entity that can spread through 3 dimensions :

  • physical
  • mental
  • spiritual
Meaning, you can channel your physical energy through to your mind and spirit. So building a strong body is not only crucial to being healthy, but drives us to our goals smarter. You can utilise your body ( as a vessel off course) and use it to push you through to your milestones.
Physical strength does have an affect on your success be it career, relationship, personal or  any other. By exercising you are just burning stored body fat but starting an engine which will fuel you to become a improved version of yourself. And this is how you bring about the change needed to become successful.

Science And Hard Facts

To become a successful person in life, you need a brain. A sturdy brain at that, which can help you to think harder and achieve more. A healthy brain which can function under stressful circumstances.

We have the capability to change or improve the way our brain works? Yes. Through exercise. Science has now proven as a hard fact that exercise is a means of enhancing and protecting brain function. How through expression of the BDNF gene.

So imagine if the brain can produce molecules that nourish neurons and ensure overall brain health. This ideal molecule would have the ability to protect neurons, to increase neuronal plasticity, to enhance learning, and to assist in the overall maintenance of the brain. Guess what ! These molecules do exist and fall into a class of proteins called growth factors. Even better is that several specific growth factors, called neurotrophic factors, also target neurons.

Remember, neurons are the key cells in the brain and trophin is the Greek word for nutrition, hence the term neurotrophin. One neurotrophic factor, brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), is capable of mediating the beneficial effects of exercise on brain plasticity. BDNF is a member of a neurotrophic family that supports the health and functioning of the primary neuronal type in the brain, glutamatergic neurons. These neurons are the major projection neurons connecting cognitive, sensory, and motor brain regions (1).

So it is true thought? YES!

Research released in April 2002 by American College of Sports Medicine found a 20% increased abundance of BDNF  in the hippocampus after 2–7 nights of running (as a form of voluntary exercise). The hippocampus is the area of the brain which regulates. The hippocampus is a brain region important in learning and memory and is a target for early deterioration in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. And not only that, the research demonstrated that the effects of exercise were not only short term transient effects rather 3 weeks after there was still increased levels BDNF protein production.

So through routine exercise we have the power to transform our brains to better suite our goals and take us where we want. Make sense? Thinking about that project you need to complete or have an idea thats been roasting in your mind? Workout. It is guaranteed

So Which Comes First : Work hard Or Work Smart?

Which is the most efficient way to reach our goals?
The right answer is working smart.
Working out smart that is. Start each day with an exercise. 45 minutes is all you need. Make sure to follow up by a nutritious meal plan for the day which further provides your brain the raw materials it needs to implement genetic improvement. Your meal plan must include high protein, good fats, plenty of raw vegetables and fruit and then if you have space some clean carbs.
With increased cognitive function you have more resources to invest into your current or next idea. Allow your brain to express the hidden treasures of power through enhancing genes such as the BDNF gene.
Part II covers my 7 Steps To Success and we talk about how to implement your action plan to reach your goals.

1. Cotman, Carl W.; Engesser-Cesar, Christie –

Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews: April 2002 – Volume 30 – Issue 2 – pp 75-79

13 thoughts on “Work Smart Then Work Hard

  1. Some of us are too focused on our works and forget the vessel that we use to work things out… Nice article sis and reminder to take care of ourselves first or we won’t be able to take care of anything in our hands 🙂


    1. Doubt? I will kick that doutb in the ass! hahaha, don’t let that doubt whipser bullshit in your ears sister. i believe doubt is another name for the shaytaan. you can definetly lift your husband physically. just a few days of practice and eating right 😉 i gurantee it :* ❤


  2. I agree with you on this! I was discussing a similar subject with my brother who is a college student . There are so many things you waste your time on. For me it’s wasted energy that could be made use elsewhere on something more productive !


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