Veg Stir Fried Noodles

I am obsessed with these veg stir fried noodles discovered accidentally. One morning (last week) I ran out of seasoning for noodles. As we are gluten free soy sauce and most condiments are not an option. Seasoning for this noodles? Only vegetable and garlic. Don’t have garlic or just hate the taste? Well I would tell you to freakin love garlic, but that’s another story so you can just leave the garlic out. Recipe card below and don’t forget to PIN IT!


All you need is a handful of vegetables and one of them should be tomato. The juices of tomato gives a lovely  flavour and perhaps that is the real taste maker of this dish. We have been having it everyday post gym – we go to the 7am every morning. So as big breakfast with eggs on the side….perfect. Veggies I used are : tomatoes, peas, broccoli, carrots and a few cloves of garlic.

My noodles of choice is rice noodles as always. You can use the thin angel hair noodles as I have used or flat rice noodles.


I boiled peas with the noodles since noodles boil real quick and snow peas don’t need much time either. I just love that green color.


In a wok or pan, add all the veg and garlic and stir fry. Add green chillies too. If you don’t like spicey, then add the green chilli whole so the noodles is aromatic but lacks spice.


Turn the heat down low, cover and let cook in their own juices. This is when the tomato releases its juices and combines all the flavors. Add salt at this stage.


When veggies are tender, about 3 to 4 mins, add the noodles and peas. I seasoned with rock salt, paprika. Optional, you can add white pepper powder. Mix well, cover and let the flavours combine while flame very low.


As refreshing as it looks, the taste is clean, light and you-just-can’t-get-enough-of-it kinda yumminess.


As usual, our meals aren’t complete without some protein. This is a very filling meal and very satisfying too.

Meeting your macros : ok guys, carbs are good for you. There is no need to cut way back on carbs unless you have a specific fitness goal in mind. In which case I would say to count your macros and balance your meals. Having this for breakfast? Then just be mindful during lunch or dinner. Rice noodles are high carbs and clean carbs. The veggies in this dish are good fibre and micronutrients. So enjoy and remember to be mindful of your meals.


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