Beautiful Nothing

Life is always a strange journey

A bag of mixed emotions…
Although at the end it all seems beautiful
Most beauties are a bunch of- small beautiful nothings…A smile from a stranger – beautifully nothing
A true hug from a friend – beautifully nothing

The sound of nature – beautifully nothing
The smell of each changing season – beautifully nothing

The chirpings of the sparrows – beautifully nothing
The colours of spring – beautifully nothing

A babys trust – beautifully nothing
A childs quest for knowledge – beautifully  nothing

Two strangers entagled with no bind but love – beautifully nothing
Teachings and teachers all around – beautifully nothing.

The pain and happiness of birth -beautifully nothing
The ever evolving nature – beautifully nothing

A fathers untold sacrfice – beautifully nothing
A moms limitless love – beautifully nothing

The peace in the oldies heart – beautifully nothing
The faith in myths of mythologies – beautifully nothing.

There are endless  such beautiful nothings around
Breathe look around feel the beautifully nothing within you…

Science complicated it all, as science itself is beautifully nothing…
My dear, let your little fist sized heart just pump blood and endlessly enjoy this beautiful nothing…

Beautifully nothing…with love.💓

Published by gongirl89

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18 thoughts on “Beautiful Nothing

  1. Such a sweet poem. Beautifully nothing!❤

    A mother’s love
    A spouse hand at helping with chores
    A baby’s soft laughter
    A little brother surprise gifts.

    All beautifully nothing!


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