Quick Chicken Roll

Remember the gluten free “flat bread” from the other post and how I was dancing with joy after finding such an easy alternative to flat breads? Well here is a good way to enjoy those bad boys – a chicken roll!

TRUST ME : SCHOOL / OFFICE / GYM lunch just got a heck of alot easier for my gluten free buddies out there. I used left over chicken, blended it up with mayo, threw in some fresh greens, and added an exotic taste maker : a smoked dry chilli. Don’t worry I’ll show you how to smoke chillies too!


Get your GF “flat bread” ready for the rollin’. Remember to lay some saran wrap on the plate first to make that snug roll.


Process chicken with mayo in a blender or processor. Use any left over chicken, or even beef or even fish. For instant chicken, you can stir fry chicken in a bit butter or oil with black pepper, salt and a bit of seasoning. Any flavor you like. Fresh coriander is a great flavor for chicken rolls.


Lay down fresh greens and layer on the chicken. Best part is next.


Smoke from dry chillies. Break in half and remove the seeds. The seeds are extremely spicey, you can leave them in and have the chilli if you like risk in your life.


I removed the seeds – I like to avoid serious danger situations in life. Chilli without the seed gives a smokey taste plus bit of spice.


Roll up snuggly and tightly. Don’t worry the bread won’t tear or break. It’s very rollable once cooled down to room temp.


Wrap the roll in saran wrap for that tight hold. Don’t use aluminium. If you use aluminium foil then throw that hazardous toxin out now!




And this is how it was served. Who can resist a side of crispy chips 😉

If you have made this gluten free roll then make sure to share with us !

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