How To : Smoke A Dry Pepper

Dried chillies are easy to find, cheap and give an exotic flavor to dishes. It’s super easy to smoke, just make sure you remove the seeds from inside unless you like butt burning spice.


Dry peppers look like this.


Heat a frying pan and add oil. The peppers will shallow fry in this oil.


Add the peppers when oil is hot. Keep heat on medium. Be careful of the smoke, it will make you cough like crazy! If you have a kitchen exhaust then now is a good time to turn it on high.


Flip over on the other side when it is dark red / brownish .


Turn off heat when both sides are brownish. The chillies will swell up and become puffy when ready. Even if it doesn’t puff, take them off heat when they darken.


Lay on paper towel to soak extra oil. Warning you again : remove the seeds from inside before eating. Break the pepper in half and tap with with your finger gently, the seeds will fall out and you’ll have the hollow pepper. Add this to chicken mixes, rolls or dips. Try this chicken roll on a gluten free flat bread !

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