The Love Shot

Have a Love Shot for the love of your body. 

Have you ever come across a secret old recipe running down through generations and generations, that actually works? I have, and I can swear by it. The Love Shot (as I have renamed it) contains the worlds most powerful healing plants  that do more good to our body then we can possibly imagine. Not just when you drink, but long after it’s entered your body the healers keep doing their work of restoring your immunity and making you stronger. From curing common colds to healing the gut micro-biome, these powerful healers are natures best cure and prevention. We could dedicate thousands and thousands of blogs of explaining their healing powers on the body. There is enough research to back up grandmothers tales already. Include The Love Shot into your daily routine and see the magical changes. Losing belly fat 😉 is just one of them.  ( Disclaimer : losing body fat is a result of exercise plus lifestyle adjustments along with The Love Shot)


These three basic ingredients combined give us a magic mineral box of body, and mind healing powers. People suffering from lack of digestive enzymes and stomach issues will find great benefits by including the love shot before a big meal (lunch or dinner).

Balance hormones and boost your metabolism with The Love Shot too! These 3 basic ingredients will boost your metabolism and improve hormones more than any slimming tea tox or detox drink. No discount codes here so you can take my word for it ;).

As we know, the body has natural pathways to detox and remove toxins. But those pathways can become weak due to unhealthy lifestyles, environment pollution, make up products and just so many daily things such as drinking from plastic! Good news is you can heal your gut and restore detox pathways by including medicinal herbs such as ginger and turmeric. Haven’t you see all those ads about detox teas and slimming teas? Well forgetaboutit! By including The Love Shot to your daily diet you are helping your got micro biome in getting rid of the bad bacteria and providing minerals for restoration of good bacteria.

Restoring gut bacteria and helping them to thrive means you see the results externally as well. Hair becomes shiner and less damaged, nails become strong and skin is plump and glowing when your gut health is balanced and well. It’s amazing how amazing just three simple ingredients can be.


Your basic  ingredients are lemon, ginger and turmeric. I would definitely ask you to add some pineapple for enhanced taste.


I snuck in some coconut sugar. You can add a sweetener of your choice. No guilt.


The color is sun kissed fabulous!


Basic ingredients are :

  • half a lemon
  • 1 inch of ginger
  • 1 inch of turmeric
  • half cup of water

Optional : honey, and apple cider vinegar.

Food processor / blender


Add everything into the blender and process in high speed until everything is pureed. There shouldn’t be any large chunks. End product is easy to drink through a straw!

7 thoughts on “The Love Shot

  1. My mother told me about how healthy a concoction like this is (lemon+ginger+turmeric)! I do find it energizing and know that it is healthy, but I didn’t know it was THIS healthy! I also find it interesting that you are using all raw ingredients! I would love to taste the difference one day InshAllah with the live ingredients; the addition of pineapple sounds tropical, too!


    1. salam sister 🙂
      raw is way better. cooking sometimes denatures the mineral and vitamins. plus the taste is so excotic and yummy. seriously i can have whole glasses of this through out the day

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wa Alaykum Salaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuhu, dearest sister. MashAllah, love it! 🙂 Will definitely try it one day, InshAllah.


  2. assalamualaikum.
    can we drink this only in the morning or anytime of the day?


    1. Walaikum asalam
      You can have this anytime of the day but empty stomach is must. Preferably before any meal


  3. Jazzak Allahu khairan sister for ur amazing drink..i’m sure i’m gonna like it in shaa Allah..but i’ve a can we use the lemon..i mean i’ve squeeze the piece of the slice or hv’to put it to the blender along with other thing..


    1. Asalamu Alaikum Sumaiya,
      Thank you for reaching out. You can add the juice of one whole lemon to this mix AFTER you blend it. Remember, Vitamin C is affected by heat and light. Blending with it may cause it to break down due to heat of the spinning blender. So adding juice after blending is best. High Vitamin C is a super nutrient for the body!


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