Egg Rice Flour “Crepe”

I call this “crepe” because it is basically a breakfast crepe but doubles as a beautiful side to any meal of the day! Spicy is best and how we like it here! For anyone who just doesn’t like eggs in general, this is such a lovely way to get in your daily of eggs. Best of all, it’s kid  and husband approved.

Oh yes and it is gluten free.

For lifters , and others looking to gain lean weight :

If meeting your macro’s is important, then carbs might be one of the tough ones. It’s hard to find clean sources of energy. This is where rice flour takes the gold for being versatile and delicious in just about anything!

We had these for breakfast with a side of beef curry and mango chutney. It pairs with something spicy and tangy best. There are so many possibilities here, so let your imagine free.


I used two eggs here to experiment, but you can follow the recipe card below for the best outcome. Optional flavor booster is black seed. The little seeds are full of exotic flavour, please try it!


The edges will brown and become crispy once it’s ready to flip. Needs about 2 minutes to brown nicely on each side, on medium high heat.


You can fold the “crepe” in half after they cool. Don’t try folding them if they are still hot, it will break.


Went well with a spicy beef curry / stir fry and mango chutney. Try it with other chutney flavours and even relish!



Right click to download image.

Share with us how you made Egg Rice Flour Crepes and we would love to feature your personal variation!

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