Crispy Baked Perch (Fish)

We call it koi mas and the rest of the world calls it climbing perch. Due to their good fat content, baking perch crispy is  THE.BEST.WAY to eat these little guys. Here is a super quick way to prepare perch with you having to perch yourself in the kitchen for too long. Just slide into the oven and walk away for 45 mins.

Have you tried any perch? Southern people may just nod with joy! Keeping aside the fact that perch’s have too many bones, you would love the taste once you try them. In Asia, we have alot of climbing perch, which is a smaller and fatter cousin of normal perch. They are way tastier, take it from me!


Totally option but totally worth it, you can stuff the inside of the perch with chilli and garlic for an extra flavor. Oh and try my method of coating fish evenly…hint…requires alot of shaking 😉


Super crispy and full of super taste! We had it with garlic rice and lentil curry on the side. Sorry no pics guys, didn’t have time to snap them! Here is the recipe card.


Right click photo to download recipe card. Don’t forget to share your version of this recipe with us!

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