4 Things I Found Hard After I Converted To Islam

I’ve met so many reverts/ converts that are curious about this topic. It’s different for everyone for sure! For me, here are the 4 things I found difficult when I first came to Islam.



Nothing compares to praying five times a day before you become Muslim. Changing a routine of a lifetime can be difficult and I doubt you’ve ever done anything like it before. Rarely you’ll find a person that isn’t a Muslim taking five minutes out of there day, five times a day to connect with God.

Your first salah can be scary. You don’t understand the words; the actions are alien to you and the timings seem completely random. However, you can use this as an opportunity and an encouragement to learn more about the process and learn your salah properly. Allah swt was generous enough to allow us a personal conversation with Him five times a day, every day. To leave the world you’re in behind and engage in the most sacred and spiritual conversations you’ll ever have in your life. Isn’t that a blessing? 


Lighten up, show a bit of skin and liberate your body -this is the message the world is giving women and girls time and time again. Less is more and modesty is out. But Islam says different.

“And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what must ordinarily appear therof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty” – Surah An-Nur ayah 31

wholesale-horse-hot-sale-special-offer-foulardCovering my hair was not a problem, people wear hats and headwraps all the time. But when you’re making a religious statement with it, that’s something different. I struggled with hijab for about 6 months until I thought subhanAllah, who am I doing this for?

If it’s for the love and pleasure of Allah swt, what others think, feel or have an opinion on doesn’t matter!


Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him maintain the bonds of kinship – Bukhari

I’ve always been a family person and when I became Muslim that didn’t change. But for some, I had changed and that’s where problems arose. Some expected me to be a paragon of virtue while others thought I had lost my marbles.

champagne-1953681_640Going to the pub for lunch, Christenings and family parties were now a no go area and to some extent it did create ill feelings. But over time, I realised that I could still spend time with my family. We’d just need to switch it up. They came to the understanding that there were certain places that as a Muslim I wouldn’t go and I understood that we could still spend time together and have fun in a halal way. Family days out, taking the kids to the park and family meals at my sister’s or halal restaurants are now how we spend time together and I love it.

There are always halal alternatives to the life you used to live, Allah swt has not made it hard for us to still be a part of our families even if we’re Muslim and they’re not.


Striving for better is never going to be easy. I used to ‘stay petty’ as they say. Deciding to shed your old skin and grow into a new better you is as painful as it sounds but well worth the process. Choosing to become a Muslim doesn’t make you perfect and you shouldn’t expect perfection from yourself.

Mankind was created weak – Surah An-Nisa ayah 28

We’re in the testing place, not the resting place and we should try and remind ourselves of this every day. You’re going to reach breaking point and it won’t be a onetime thing.


I dedicate this article to the soon to be reverts/converts. The ones who have accepted Islam with their hearts but haven’t found the courage to accept with their tongues, yet. You will always be in my duas because six years ago, I was exactly in your shoes. Alhamdulillah I’m still part of the fasting growing family on the planet.

This article is for the soon to be reverts. The ones who have accepted Allah swt with the hearts but not yet with their tongues. You are forever in my duas because I was once you and now nearly 6 years on alhamdulillah I’m still part of the fasting growing family on the planet! It won’t be easy, but it will be the best journey you ever make inshaAllah.

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