No Excuses! Workout At Office

You spend most of your week at work, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your health.Knowing some simple tips and tricks will help you sneak in energising and calorie burning moves during work and help you relieve some stress.

Anyone who is trying to break out with a new workout routine knows that half of the battle is actually sticking to it. But daily activities which seem trivial to us can actually be calorie burners. All we need is to realise the blessing in boring things and enjoy those little bursts of energy. Here are some tips to help you get a work-out-at-work routine:


Try to take the bus or walk to work if possible, If there’s steps then don’t avoid those either! If not, park your car far away from the door so you get some steps in. Walking is a great way to burn calories, increase heart rate and give you a good  boost of endorphins, which reduce stress hormones, and alleviate mild depression. If you’re not looking forward to the whole day of work, then walking it out might be the cure! While walking, keep in mind to hold proper posture : abs (stomach) in tight, back straight, shoulders back and chest out. Correcting posture will help you get through the day with less back pain. Wearing stilettos to your office? Carry them instead and wear comfy walking shoes / sneakers.


Take small breaks during your day to stretch out your arms, legs and back. Lack of movement causes slow / less blood flow to parts of your body leading to cramps. Not only cramps, lack of movement hinders nutrients being delivered to all parts of your body. Had that super protein smoothie for breakfast? Well if your work is too sedentary then all those nutrients may not reach the right places.

Try the following stretches (doable in as less as 5 mins) which increase muscle flexibility and alleviate pain:

  • Clock stretch
  • Shoulder shrugs
  • Apple picker
  • Shoulder stretch : lateral raises, side raises, over head press
  • Calf raises
  • leg raises
  • knee extensions
  • Stomach Vacumm


If you travel a lot for work, book rooms in hotels that have a gym. Don’t look for too many machines or options, if your schedule is hectic. A quick 20 minute session of cardio can kill major calories. Remember, more intensity equals more calorie burn. Here are 3 best cardio workouts you can try when on the go. Don’t forget to pack active wear. Seeing colourful active wear will inspire you to put it on and sweat it out. No gym, no problem! Working out in the hotel room is easy and effective too. Simple movements such as squats, lunges, squat press, planks can keep you toned when done in higher volume. Want to increase intensity and feel great? Try some HIIT which only require 15 mins. Here are two result proven HIIT routines you must add to your regular workout routine :  EASY or CHALLENGING.


Life is full of struggles, but your health shouldn’t be one of them. Remembering to workout in the first place can a hassle especially with your busy routine. Here are some tips to always keep you reminded to workout. Bonus points for finding a workout buddy for in or after office!

  • Set your alarm on your cell phone to remind you what time to work out
  • Invest time into creating a workout routine that you love
  • Write a reminder on a Post-it note
  • Ask a co-worker to remind you
  • Or better yet, get your co-workers to join you

Remember that anything counts even if it is something as simple as a stretch especially when you do it more often throughout the day.

Have a few moves to try out at the workplace? Comment below and we will feature your ideas next!


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