No Excuses! Workout At Office

You spend most of your week at work, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your health.Knowing some simple tips and tricks will help you sneak in energising and calorie burning moves during work and help you relieve some stress. Anyone who is trying to break out with a new workout routine knows that half of theContinue reading “No Excuses! Workout At Office”

3 Best Cardio

Exercises are classified into two categories : aerobic or anaerobic. When it comes to working out, cardio refers to exercises that raise your heartbeat pushing your heart to deliver more oxygen to the required muscles. Exercises that require the constant delivery of oxygen is known as aerobics. The words cardio and aerobics can be interchanged. YouContinue reading “3 Best Cardio”

6 weeks : GAINS PLAN for advanced lifters

*This lifting routine is for advanced lifters only. Alternate rest days will ensure maximum strength gains which further facilitate increasing weight. The goal is to lift heavy – pick a suitable which allows no less than 5 reps and go as high as you can reaching failure. Lifestyle and nutrition adjustments are necessary to achieve maxContinue reading “6 weeks : GAINS PLAN for advanced lifters”