Pregnancy And The Movies

When it comes to pregnancy, we can all have Hollywood like thoughts of all pink or all blue baby rooms, lots of gifts, and walking around in polka dotted maxi dressed. But real life mommies face more than that!  Sister Rayeesa Tabassum shares her pregnancy and it was similar and different to the movies.

Five Ways My Pregnancy Was Not Like The Movies

1. I never fell because of dizziness. In fact, I never felt dizzy and lost my consciousness and fell on the floor. I mean I didn’t swirl round and round as they show on Indian TV and movies. 

2. I didn’t feel ecstatic. I wasn’t even happy. I was depressed. They were too many tears, emotional outbursts and fights.

3. I hated everything and everybody. I hated even the things I loved. They don’t show that in movies.

4. I didn’t eat like an elephant. First trimester, I didn’t like most of the food. The smells revolted me. Third trimester, I wanted to eat more but I couldn’t because of my uterus shrinking my stomach.

  5. I didn’t vomit like crazy. Yes, I had the occasional nausea and puked now and then but definitely not after every meal and not as dramatically as they show in movies.

Five Ways My Pregnancy Was Exactly Like The Movies

1 . My water breaking. It was like someone has opened a tap and forgot to close it. I was embarrassed. I soiled my clothes, my bed, our car, the hospital bed.

2. The labor pains. The pains were so intense and yes, I felt I would die. I screamed and cried. There was a life coming out of me but it was like my life was coming out of me.

3. Kindness from strangers. Thank God, There is still some kindness left in the word. I miss those sweet moments when everyone was so kind, sweet and helpful to me. Just like the movies, I was offered extra piece of cake, my favourite foods. People gave up their seats for me, asked me if I needed anything to drink and eat, fetched me water, ogled at my bump and gave me smiles.

4. The fantasy world of baby shopping. Thats perhaps the best part especially for the first babies. It is the sweetest shopping you will ever do and you will do that with the same dazed smile and happiness they project in the movies. And you will gaze at, smell the baby clothes and dream about your baby in it, just like the movies.

5. Everyone’s happy. You will receive congratulation calls from people who you haven’t heard in ages. You will receive plenty of gifts from everyone, even from people who you never expected from.

Share with us your pregnancy stories!

Published by Rayeesa Tabassum

I am Rayeesa Tabassum from Jeddah, a struggling Homemaker and a passionate writer. My aim is to gather as much sadqah-e-jariyah as possible through my writings. Hence, I blog at I also love to read, shop and at times cook and clean.

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