Cris “Cyborg” Wore Hijab, Support Muslimahs

If you don’t know, Cris “Cyborg” Santos is a Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist world champion14516527_10153832824836892_1247613936722140960_n with more haters than fans. Known for being a beast in the fight cage, her passionate personality outside fighting is heart warming. She is the number one pound for pound female fighter in the world according to ESPN. Undefeated for over a decade, she is two times world champion fighting in the weight class of 145lbs. As if that’s not enough, she won several awards which include being best Female Fighter of the Year three times in a row (more on her awards below). So how this female beast can gather so many haters while having so many accomplishments, is rather unfortunate.

To add fuel to fire, she recently wore the hijab in support for Muslim women to motivate and highlight the importance of self defence. But wearing the hijab is not the only point of her video. She has something powerful to say. Click to watch.

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One of the reasons I started my Pink Belt Fitness By Cris Cyborg program was because I saw a need to unite women of all religions, ages, and cultures in a way that they could empower each other and motivate one another to achieve more with a support system!

I am a believer in Jesus Christ and a devout Christian, I am wearing the Hijab, a symbol of modesty and protection used by many women around the world, not as a sign of religion but as a symbol of support for all women around the world. The Hijab is not Anti American, or terroristic, sadly those are misconceptions from those who are lacking cultural understanding.

Combat Sports should be an opportunity shared by all!

OK, that took guts! During this time of political turmoil and extreme islamophobia, she wore the hijab which (as you we all know) comes with hate attached. She probably lost more fans then she gained. It’s not like Cris is unaware of the hate towards Muslim women in the States, she lives in San Diego. As usual, the long list of hate comments grew under her video. But faith in humanity does live in, several people (who were not just muslims) commented their support and understanding of diversity.

Cris, I personally commend your bravery. I know you have so many haters but still you chose to support Muslim women and lend a helping hand. God knows how dangerous it has been for women who wear the hijab. In these times of turmoil we can do with more sisterhood and love. It’s now clear that you don’t care about your haters because if you were here to only get famous then you would stay clear of anything related to muslims. Rather, I see you extend your assistance and support to a community of women who feel as if we have our backs to the wall – especially now with a bigot sugar daddy as president.

Thank you sister Cris. Thank you for your courage and big heart.

More About Cristiane Justino 

Awards : Mixed martial arts
1. ◦Strikeforce Women’s Middleweight Championship (One time; First; Current)
2. ◦Best of 2010 Awards: Female Fighter of the Year
•World MMA Awards
1. ◦2011 Female Fighter of the Decade (Award will be given in Atlantic City on May 20th, 2011)
2. ◦2010 Female Fighter of the Year
3. ◦2009 Female Fighter of the Year•Sherdog
1. ◦2010 Beatdown of the Year vs. Jan Finney on June 26

Submission grappling

•Abu Dhabi Combat Club
1. ◦2009 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship Bronze Medalist

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