Anytime Super Smoothie (plus variations)

Smoothies are every where these days! So if you have not included a smoothie n your daily routine then here is an easy  – super tasty  – off course loaded with super powers – smoothie which you can enjoy anytime of the day. All you need is curd, aloe and a simple blend of fruits, just anything you have laying around in your house. Curd is a must for anytime smoothies!


Choose your curd fresh guys! Fancy packaged yogurt is fused with chemicals to extend their shelf life. These preservatives kill the natural live bacteria without which the yogurt / curd is rendered useless and we have no use of them in our body! Other than curd as Probiotics, one of then main benefits of curd is the protein content. It is a good source f casein. Casein is the name for a family of related phosphoproteins. These proteins are commonly found in mammalian milk, making up 80% of the proteins in cow’s milk. Casein has the ability to provide your bloodstream with a slow and steady flow of amino acids that could last for hours. So ladies, if you haven’t increased your protein intake then you better start now and include a good curd shake in your diet!


Aloe vera is the main character of this play. You can add any other fruits laying around. The most common fruits I always have is apple and pineapple. Both of which offer our bodies mega vitamins and minerals that we just can not absorb from other sources. Other than the soothing effects,  aloe vera is also one of the few plants that contains vitamin B12. 


Throw it all in a blender or processor and whiz away until mixed nicely. I added a bit of raw brown sugar to enhance the flavour and I’m not feeling guilty!


Perfectly delicious anytime to squeeze in those extra bits of protein!


It just keeps getting easier and easier. The different types of smoothies you can make with a curd base is literally never ending! Come back to this post later on to see how many more we have added!


Grape +Aloe + Pineapple + Apple + Curd
Curd + Banana + Pineapple


Curd + Peanut Butter + Banana + Apple

Do you have a great smoothie recipe to share?

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