Leg Day Routine

Build booty, tone legs or die trying. That’s the goal. Here is my leg day routine, perfected and adjusted over the last 12 months to finally suit my leg day needs PLUS actually give results. Yes, now GAINS is my middle name. I thank my constant self bashing that actually led me to create this routine. I don’t advocate self hate, but months of hating my poor squat posture, and weak legs actually helped me to develop my own leg day routine. How did yelling at myself work? Well I realised what works for everyone may not work for me. Most importantly, I was mislead by all those instagram models and youtubers who start their video by squatting a trillion pounds. THEY ARE NOT BEING TRUTHFUL , PEOPLE!

LEG DAY requires proper warm up and glute activation (👈). Do that first, folks, or else any leg day is gonna be self hate day for ya’ll. For me, Leg day is my favourite day of the week.




  • I have 2 leg days a week and each day is a bit different from the other. I found this to be the most effective in gaining strength by mixing up isolation and compound movements.
  • How much you lift depends on your strength and form. DO  NOT compromise form trying to lift heavy. It’s better to lift light rather than suffer a few weeks from a knee injury. But also, challenge yourself within safe limits. With a gym buddy to help, increase weights progressively  and find your comfort zone. Read THIS (👈) for help.
  • Drink enough water before, during and after your workout. I workout in the morning fasted which has proven best for me  but this may not work out for you. Best time to workout is 2 to 3 hours after a big meal.

Building strength is a result of constant hard work and determination. So stick in there and focus being successful in each rep rather just just finishing up leg day. Put in the werk and results will show themselves !

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