Glute Activation

I spent more than one year trying to learn how to squat. Working on my form and completing each rep correctly. After 18 months of failure, I gave up. I couldn’t even squat the empty bar correctly. My chest would cave in and my legs seemed to have no power. Man, I was pissed at my weak body and blamed myself for everything. 1 month ago, after reading tons of articles and research, I discovered GLUTE ACTIVATION. Moderately skeptical and sort of expecting failure, I started yet another feared leg day with warming up my lower body and glute activation. Long story short, I walked on over to the squat machine (cursing every machine on the way), pushed 10 kilos on the bar and squat…15 BEAUTIFUL REPS. No one was around to witness. I had discovered the secret to glute activation. I was probably a million years late to discover this small tweak in my workout but who cares man! I freaking squat. From not being able to squat an empty bar I squatted 15’s – in one week.

How Glute Activation Works 

Glutes are a part of our core muscles and need to be “awake”. Since most of us are not athletes and spend the majority of our childhood / growing up inactive, we have developed sleeping glutes. Years of inactivity causes “glute amnesia”. Simple put, it is severe under-activation of glutes. No thanks to our desk jobs, schooling, and lack emphasis on sports and athletics, “sleeping glutes” are a normal part of our body mechanics. This is why we require weeks of practicing form to learn the proper squat which requires proper mechanical movement on glutes, hips and legs. Glute activation properly wakes up the glutes and starts the Mind Muscle Connection. Increased blood flow sets up a good foundation for the nervous system to make muscle memory.

Incase You Missed It

So your glutes, referred to as butt or booty or datass, comprise of 3 main muscles (see picture below).  These muscles work together when you push weights, and require to be strong to be balanced and toned. Layers of fat over the muscles cause us to hate our lower body and label it thunder thighs. Working them and growing them  results in a nice plump backside. Other than appearances, stronger lower body and lower back will prevent injuries and pain as you age.

thank you for this simple diagram

What You Need To Do


Yup, That’s It

Since glutes are part of our core muscle, you also need to keep you other core muscles tight during these warm ups. Remember ABS IN. This is will help you during squats as well.

It’s defiantly not brain surgery, rather a incredibly simple range of movements that fires up the butt. If you never felt your glutes burn after a good grinding squat, then try this and come back to me later. You will be as amazed as I was.

Preventing injury and subsequently increases your strength is the main focus on LEG DAYS. A constant routine of glute activation has helped me to be able to squat 20’s. I have felt the benefit through out my leg day routine, now being able to leg press 200kg for 12 reps.

Don’t Ever Miss This

I keep telling everyone I know to never miss warming up and glute activation before leg day. Glutes being one of the largest muscles in our core muscle, there actually isn’t enough   material out there to high light the importance of glute activation prior to starting leg day! Take it from a person who spend so long crying at personal failure (me). A little bit of knowledge goes a LONG way. Once you succeed in that first few squats, your confidence will guide you into increasing weights (but go slowly there lol). It’s ok to be a bit cocky though.

Here 👈 is my Leg Day routine 🙂

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