6 Steps to Reveal Your Best Skin

Finally, here is a compilation of true and effective information you need to know in order to reveal your best skin. The reason I say “reveal”  is that  our skin is a reflection of our gut health. A healthy gut results in smooth skin with that lovely natural glow. On the other hand, if your gut is weak, irritated from allergens, constipated, or going through loose motion, and overall not well, then be sure to see the signs of it on your face.

Our skin is the largest organ on our body, and like all other organs, it gives us warning signs and red flags as precursors of underlying issues. Think of that new big pimple as the red engine light in your car – it only comes on when you need to repair and recover your parts.

HOPE IS NOT LOST! Gut health and skin quality are recoverable and controllable without expensive pills, potions, or procedures! All it takes is a balanced lifestyle (a dash of patience, too). Healthy skin is a result of good health inside, such restoring your natural detox pathways. Being conscious of what goes IN and ON your body leads to happy and healthy skin.


Drill this into your head: YOU ARE MADE UP OF WATER – 60 percent to be exact. If becoming thirsty is the only thing that reminds you to drink water, then you are dehydrated already. Dehydration causes your body to pull water from the skin and muscles in order to carry out other mandatory functions of the body. So dry skin is a direct and immediate cause of lack of water. Drink plain water and nothing else for that glossy skin. Properly hydrated skin is soft and “plump”…meaning the collagen under your skin is properly hydrated.

How much water does YOUR body need: click here to find out.

Useful Tips to Get You Going:

  • Proper water during exercise & activities
  • Drink half a liter before bed
  • Drink in the middle of the night if you wake up
  • Split up the water intake throughout the day
  • Replace your harmful sugary drinks with water
  • Add THE LOVE SHOT to your daily routine and see your skin transform!


I don’t mean physically. What I mean is to eat more healthy fats. There is a layer of fat under the skin that holds water and keeps skin nice and plump. You know that new trend of eating extreme low fat foods…well, it’s not gonna do your skin any good, actually. Add back those nuts, fish, and avocado. This will give you a healthy glow and keep wrinkles at bay for a LONG time. Fat is a crucial part of our diet and considered a macro nutrient. All the recent trends of blaming fat for everything is kind of misleading. Being too strict on your fat intake will not only weaken your gut, but also lead to early wrinkles and dry skin.

Good Fats  Bad Fats
eggs hydrogenated oils
fish french fries
nuts & seeds donuts
lean meats biscuits / cookies
avocado processed flour products
leafy greens processed meats
organic nut oils margarine
organic butter canola oi
olive oil / coconut oil most packaged foods “snacks”

Useful Tips to Get You Going:

  • No junk food and fried foods – hydrogenated oils lead to storage of fat in your fat cells. This type of fat is “bad” fat and stores toxins. Toxins in your body upset the balance of hormones – triggering pimples.  Want to know more about toxins and how to become a detox machine, click here.
  • Nuts at snack time
  • Alternative cooking oils – there are lots of healthier cooking oils other than hydrogenated veg oils. Try coconut oil, peanut oil, or even butter!
  • Fish are friends AND food – there is nothing better than fish to fulfill your need of omega fatty acids. We Americans typically don’t get enough fish and rely on farm produce, hence our lack of major omega fatty acids. Include fish 3 to 4 times a week and see your skin transform.


I know this is a tough one; I’ll give you a minute to pick yourself up off the floor. No matter what your make up brand says, chemicals are harmful. Today’s cosmetics are full of harsh chemicals that alter the ph balance of the skin. Addiction to daily make up isn’t just killing your morning time but also wreaking havoc at a microscopic level. Let’s join Alicia Keys and the No MakeUp Movement to give our skin the recovery it needs from all that exposure to toxins. Filtering out the poison and self-cleaning is hampered and slowed down when you pile on the cosmetics day after day. All the chemicals from cosmetics and cellular waste build-up turns into nasty blackheads. Remember, our skin is an organ-it is alive! What ever goes ON it eventually gets absorbed INTO it- remember the layer of nice fat we have under the skin? Let’s not turn that into a toxic chemical graveyard. The last thing you want is chemicals and toxins getting absorbed into your body which can not be removed with wet wipes.  By following a healthy eating routine, your skin will start to glow naturally. Learn to love the glow and give your skin what it needs (especially time) to be shiny and healthy your whole life!

Useful Tips to Get You Going:

  • You only need one tip, it’s called PATIENCE. Give your skin a few weeks to heal and absorb the good nutrients (from food and water). This will allow your best skin to come out slowly. The discolored or dry patches will even out eventually, I promise.


You know those expensive creams celebrities use for that smooth plastic like skin? It’s mostly natural butter aka natural fats (photoshop too!). Fats trap moisture and boost your own skin’s quality. Moisturizing might just be your new secret tool to looking young . Use natural moisturisers that have less – or no – chemicals. Read the labels to make sure you can pronounce the name. If it has 20 letters then guess what…it’s a chemical composition.Companies are not legally bound to list all their ingredients, so more times than not, we are being lied to from the gate. But don’t feel like a sore loser, natural butters provide you with more benefits than you think. My favourite is cocoa butter, shea butter, or mango butter. Contrary to popular belief, these butters will not “clog your pores.”

Useful Tips to Get You Going:

  • Wash face with mild soap
  • Pat skin dry. Dont rub roughly.
  • Take moisturiser on your ring finger and swipe gently on your skin. Take your time.
  • Moisturise before you sleep EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.
  • Try coconut oil or other natural oil packs 3x a week. Wash with warm water to open and clear the pores. Splash with cold water at the end to close your pores.


Lack of sleep is one of the main reasons your skin is not getting the hydration and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Sleep during the night is the peak time for repair and recovery work for your body. Try sleeping 6 to 8 hours straight so the benefits of everything listed at points 1 through 4 reaches your face. Women generally need more sleep then men – hello beauty naps! Not enough rest will definitely ruin your skin no matter what.

Useful Tips to Get You Going:

  • Make your room dark. No blue or halogen lights. Use red toned night light if needed.
  • Leave your phone far away from you.
  • Sleep on your sides or back. Sleeping on your stomach causes water to pool under your eyes.
  • Get full and uninterrupted sleep.
  • Drink plenty of water before bed time.


Ever noticed that glow on your skin after a good session of #SweatySunday? That can be all the time! Exercise promotes blood flow and blood flow takes oxygen, water, and important nutrients to all parts of your body. Sweating during exercise literally pushes harmful toxins out through your skin! Not only are you getting fit, you’re cleaning your pores without the hassle of expensive cleansers or treatments.

Useful Tips to Get You Going:

  • Start working out 2 to 5 times a week.
  • Working out 45 minutes daily is good enough.
  • Make sure to keep hydrated while working out.

Healthy, beautiful skin can be had at any age – and I can assure you that’s not just a sales pitch. If your gut and insides are healthy, then your skin will show it no matter how old you are or how young you pretend to be.


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